Shoelace Abrasion H048 Shoelace Abrasion H048 Shoelace Abrasion H048 Shoelace Abrasion H048 Shoelace Abrasion H048

Shoelace Abrasion H048

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    CE, ISO 17025
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    SGS, UL
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    7-15 days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port
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    SATRA TM 93


Shoelace Abrasion Tester , to determine the abrasion resistance for all shoelaces and eyelets.

It is commonly application for footwear quality control.

Work Principle                      

The method uses a standard eyelet, which is placed on a rigid plate, and then tested on the

shoelaces. Shoelaces should be kept in a standard controlled environment for at least 48

hours before testing. 

The device consists of six shoelace test points. The shoe eyelets are attached to the rigid

plate and is then clamped into the provided fixture. The shoelace was tested by clamping

one end of the shoe into a vehicle and passing the other end through the eye of the shoe,

which was then attached to a heavy object that could pull the shoe 4.46 N. 

The machine passes each shoelace through the eyelets at a distance of 75mm at a frequency

of 100 cycles per minute. The movement of the carrier causes the shoelace to rub in the

eyelets. Each point is equipped with a separate counter. When the shoelace breaks, the

counter of the corresponding point stops counting. The machine stopped running when

all six shoelaces broke.


1.Equipped with manual control device, which is very easy to set up, and its protective

performance fully meets European health and safety requirements.

2.The machine supports the use of standard shoelaces to test shoelaces, or standard

shoelaces to test shoelaces.

3.Six sets of specimens can be tested once.

4.Equipped with a separate counter for each working positions.



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Shoelace Abrasion H048


Shoelace Abrasion H048

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