Whole Shoe Flexing Tester H007-2L Whole Shoe Flexing Tester H007-2L

Whole Shoe Flexing Tester H007-2L

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    SATRA TM92

Whole Shoe Flexing Tester H007-2L to determine flexing resistance for all all kinds of finished shoes at low temperature. And determines the fatigue durability and service life of shoes by simulating the walking state of a person, via reciprocating flexing movement under constant frequency and angle.


A.Strong function

1. Adopt international brands imported compressor, the international well-known refrigeration parts, ensure the stable performance of cooling system. PID adjustment, high precision temperature and humidity control. Have recording the temperature and humidity function

2. Inner chamber uses SUS304 # mirror stainless steel

3. Outside the chamber adopts SUS304 # of the lacquer that bake, the beauty is generous

4. Imported digital temperature controller (TEMI880 South Korea).

5. Multiple safety protection: the refrigerant pressure protection and compressor overload protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, leakage protection.

6. A new perfect modelling design, the appearance of high quality level. Low noise design, can connect the computer.

7. Glass Windows with high brightness fluorescent lamp, can be observed the status of the test box at any time.

8. Using muilti-wing type blower power supply air circulation, to avoid any dead space, make indoor temperature distribution is uniform.

9. The door sealing strip adopts high and low temperature resistance of silicone rubber, with good sealed performance.

B.Good performance

1. Good heat preservation and fast cooling speed.

2. Wide temperature and humidity range. Temperature can be down to minus 70℃

C.Reasonable designation

1. Compact and firm structure, running with low noise.

2. With multi-protection device to support equipment in safe usage.

Test Principle

Mount samples on the tester and drive machine to flex back of shoes at predetermined angle, which simulates the walking state of a person, so as to determine the durability and service life of shoes. This test is under low temperature condition.



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Whole Shoe Flexing Tester

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