Needle Flame Tester TF02

Needle Flame Tester TF02

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    IEC 60695,GB T5169.5

Needle flame tester is made based on standards IEC60695, GB5169Mainly used to simulate 

products internal generates small flame under the breakdown situation, and assess its ignition 

hazard. Applicable for testing flammability of electronic electrical equipment and its components

and elements, solid electrical insulation or other combustible materials.

Needle flame test method can be used for the situation when small parts or component are not 

suitable to do glow wire test or horizontal vertical combustion test method.

Working Principle                  

Due to breakdown situation, for example, A fault current that flows through the leakage path, 

overheating of components or parts, and poor contact, are possible to lead to flame and shoot 

into nearby components. Needle flame test is to simulate internal sample generates small flame 

under breakdown situation, using simulating technology to assess its ignition hazard. Needle 

flame test method can be used for the situation when small parts or component are not suitable 

to do glow wire test or horizontal vertical combustion test method. If sample is ignited when 

doing glow wire test , then need to conduct needle flame test.


Needle flame tester is applicable to electrical products, components, parts and components of 

electrical appliances, such as terminal, centrifugal switch and socket.


IEC 60695,GB T5169.5


1. Adopt 2mm thick galvanized cold plate which shaped by Germany trumpf CNC machining center, 

with beautiful and high grade appearance.

2. Outdoor grade powder baking technology, which enhance anti-smog corrosion resistance ability. 

High quality and without color changing.

3. Equipped with German imported temperature sensor used in airplane and resistance to high 

temperature with longer service life.

4. High precision temperature control technology to control temperature error within 2℃.

5. Step motor control stroke, accurate location and without buffer.

6. With the function of program parameter setting, the test parameters can be programmed to be 

stored in the controller

Key Specifications                   

Needle Flame Tester TF02

The structure designation    

Needle Flame Tester TF02

Control System                       

Needle Flame Tester TF02

Test Materials                        

Needle Flame Tester TF02 

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