EN Drop Floor T035A

EN Drop Floor T035A

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    EN 71-1

Children Products Test Equipment

Drop Floor is to determine the toys fall on the floor under a specify height and drop times, and then check if toys produce accessible small parts, hazardous sharp edges, hazardous sharp point or hazardous driven construction, etc.

Test Principle

Drop the toy, or the relevant toy component, five times through a height of (850 ± 50) mm on to a 4 mm thick steel plate with a 2 mm thick coating of Shore A hardness (75 ± 5) as measured according to EN ISO 868 or ISO 7619-2 and which is placed on a non-flexible horizontal surface.

Prior to release, orientate the toy in a position that allows the most onerous impact onto the coated surface of the steel plate.

Determine whether the casing of toys intended for children too young to sit up unaided has separated into parts or cracked. Determine whether small parts (8.2, small parts cylinder), hazardous sharp edges (8.11, sharpness of edges), hazardous sharp points (8.12, sharpness of points) or hazardous driving mechanisms (4.10.2, driving mechanisms) have become accessible.

Application Range

1.Hard tiny ball toy.

2.Glass toys or components.

3.Toy drive encapsulation shell.

4.The toys attached to the food.

5.All the hard material masking on the face( goggles, a space helmet or welding mask).


EN 71-1

Key Specifications


T035A EN Drop Floor is applicable to the determination of:

toys produce.

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