COBB Cobb Absorption Tester A003A

COBB Cobb Absorption Tester A003A

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    ISO535,GB/T1668 ,GB/T1540 ,TAPPI T441

A003A COBB Cobb Absorption Tester is to determine the water absorptiveness of sized paper and board, including corrugated fiberboard, under standard conditions.

It may not suitable for paper of grammage less than 50g/m2 or embossed paper. It is not suitable for porous papers such as newsprint or unsized papers such as blotting paper or other papers having a relatively high water absorptivenss for which ISO 8787 is more suitable.

This instrument is only capable of testing surface water absorption of paper and board. It is not applicable to exactly evaluate the writing performance of paper and board.

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A003A COBB Cobb Absorption Tester

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Test Principle

A test piece is weighed immediately before and immediately after exposure for a specified time of one surface to water, by blotting. The result of the increase in mass is expressed in grams per square meter(g/m2).


ISO535,GB/T1668 ,GB/T1540 ,TAPPI T441

COBB Definition

The value of paper and cardboard surface water absorbing capacity (Cobb): the unit area of paper and cardboard in a certain pressure and temperature, within the time specified the absorption of water by surface to g / m*m meter.

The specific formula is as follows:

C = (G2 - G1) x 100.

C - value of Cobb water absorption;

G2 - the sample quality after absorbing water;

G1 - the sample quality before absorbing water

A003A COBB Cobb Absorption Tester is applicable to the determination of:

paper of grammage less than 50g/m2 or embossed paper.

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