Salt Spray Tester E002A Salt Spray Tester E002A Salt Spray Tester E002A Salt Spray Tester E002A Salt Spray Tester E002A

Salt Spray Tester E002A

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    CE, ISO 17025
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    3-25 Days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port
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    GJB150.11A-2009 ,GJB150.11_1986,GB-T2423.17-1993 ,ASTM.B117-2011 ,GB/T 10125-2012

Salt spray test chamber for artificial climate environment "three prevention" (damp heat, salt spray, mold) test equipment, is the study of machinery, defense industry, light industry, electronics, instrumentation and other industries a variety of environmental adaptability and reliability of an important test equipment has significant advantages: corrosion environment can be controlled, environmental reproducibility; test time is significantly shortened; save a lot of manpower, financial resources, material resources, is widely used in electronics, electrical and automotive, aviation, military equipment, hardware and tools, such as products, parts, metal materials and products of electroplating, coating, etc. for salt spray corrosion test.

Test Standards

GJB150.11A-2009 Military equipment laboratory environmental test method salt spray test

GJB150.11_1986 Salt spray test

GB-T2423.17-1993 Salt spray test      

ASTM.B117-2011 Salt spray test      

GB/T 10125-2012 Artificial atmosphere corrosion test Salt spray test

According to CNS.JIS.ASTM specifications, the thermostatic control can be set.



1. The temperature control instrument adopts microcomputer PID control instrument, with high control precision and good stability, thus effectively ensuring the fluctuation range of temperature and humidity and test operation;

2. Temperature control adopts P.I.D + S.S.R, the system with the channel coordination control, can improve the stability and life of the control components and interface, touch button setting, the value of a variety of direct display screen;

3. Automatic water filling using water filter to ensure that the pipeline is not blocked, longer service life.

4. The water level in the test chamber is too high automatic overflow device, without manual discharge, but to ensure that the heating time will not be too long.

5. The heating system is made of titanium alloy heater, with strong corrosion resistance and maintenance port.

6. Water and gas path and electrical separation space installation, to prevent water and gas pipe burst water spray sun to electrical accessories, more durable than the traditional style.

7. Can be set to remind maintenance, set maintenance time to the maintenance tips, an effective solution to the problem of forgetting to maintain for a long time.

8. Gas pressure low alarm protection function, an effective solution to the factory air compressor in the salt spray box open suddenly stop gas, the impact on the life of electrical accessories and the accuracy of test results.

9. Test chamber water level sensor, increased the protective cover, to prevent the cleaning of not hourly touch the sensor, effectively solved the problem of damage to the water level sensor dry burn.

10 pressure barrel SUS304 stainless steel, pressure barrel, also known as "saturated air barrel" is a more central part of the salt spray test chamber, its role is to compress in the air humidification heating and oil filtration, so also known as "saturated barrel"

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