Cooling and Heating Circulation Tank MP10C

Cooling and Heating Circulation Tank MP10C

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port

The main components of the Cooling and Heating Circulation Tank are imported products with high quality, reliability and stability. They integrate the company's many years of design and production experience, introduce and digest German technology, and are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry and scientific research field.


1. Intelligent microcomputer temperature liquid crystal controller, high temperature control accuracy, environmental friendly refrigerant, compressor, circulating pump and heater are all imported products.

2. Ultra-temperature and low-temperature acousto-optic tracking alarm and liquid level protection function enable the sample to be reliably protected without accident.

3. Powerful pressure suction pump is provided to provide constant temperature source for external tank.

4. Connection port with external bath tank connection.

Convenient data processing (optional)

5. The printer, 485 communication interface or USB data transfer interface (USB disk) can be connected, and the computer and printer can record the temperature and time curve, providing strong guarantee for data storage and playback in the test process.

Multi-segment programmable LCD controller :(optional)

6. The microcomputer program controls temperature, time and heating rate, and carries out constant temperature test at an extremely fast speed.

7. It can be preset that 7 groups of 63 steps can be programmed. The setting time of each group is 1-99 hours and 59 minutes.

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It widely applies to the petroleum, the chemical industry, the medicine, the life science, the measurement, the light industry and the scientific research and so on domain.

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