Constant temperature and humidity chamber E005

Constant temperature and humidity chamber E005

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Constant temperature and humidity chamber-Balance the temperature and humidity of sample textile materials and fabrics. Advanced air-cooling is adopted.High efficiency,compact size,energy saving and attractive appearance.


Humanized design

1.New cfc-free, design, make you always walk in front of a healthy life.

2.Low segment programmable PID controller, using TMHM balanced temperature adjustment method, reliable temperature and humidity control..

3.Imported 304 mirror stainless steel tank, the four half arc transition, shelf bracket can free loading and unloading, to facilitate the work of inside cleaning.

Quality assurance

1.Parameters can be stored automatically in the case of sudden power outages, and run the original setup program after the power on.

2.International brand compressor and circulation fan, environmental protection refrigerants (R134a) with high efficiency, low energy consumption, promote energy conservation.

3.Unique air duct system, ensure uniform workshop temperature and humidity, Φ 25 mm diameter test hole, easy to operation and test.

Security features

1.Independent limit temperature alarm system, automatically interrupt operation if beyond limit temperature, and sound and light alarm prompt the operator to ensure the safe operation of the experiment is not an accident.

2.High, low Temperature and overtemperature alarm, compressor overheat, over current protection, overload protection, fan overheating protection, water protection, etc.

In pieces and convenient data processing (optional)

Constant temperature and humidity chamber can connect the printer or 485 communication interface, computer display, and print the temperature and humidity and time curve, data storage and playback provide a powerful guarantee for test process.

Programmable touch-screen controller

1.Temperature and humidity chamber using large screen touch screen images, screen, simple operation, easy to edit program.

2.Controller interface available in both English and Chinese, real-time operation graph can be displayed.

3.Capacity : 100 groups of program including 1000 segment and 999 cycle, each section time to set a maximum of 99 hours and 59 minutes.

4.After input data as well as test conditions, the controller has screen lock function, avoid human touch and downtime.

5.With P.I.D automatic calculation function, able to amend the conditions of temperature and humidity change immediately, make the temperature and humidity control more precise and stable.

6.With RS - 232 or RS - 485 communication interface, can be designed on a computer program, monitoring test process and perform the switch machine, and other functions.(optional)

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