1m3 Formaldehyde Environmental Climate Chamber E010N

1m3 Formaldehyde Environmental Climate Chamber E010N

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    GB 18580-2017,ASTMD6007-02,EN 717-1

The new intelligent environmental experiment box adopts a new color touch screen display and PLC computer system control, which can realize high-precision constant temperature and humidity artificial climate simulation experiment environment. It is the necessary experimental equipment for the production and testing of bioengineering, medicine, forestry, environmental science and decorative materials.

The constant temperature box is made of mirror stainless steel, the surface is smooth and non-condensing, and it does not absorb formaldehyde, which ensures the detection accuracy; the insulation adopts advanced thermal insulation materials, and the box door adopts a special material with formaldehyde-free sealing strip, which has good thermal insulation performance and sealing performance.

The environmental test box is composed of air pump, flow meter, water bath spray, cooling coil, heating pipe, water level switch, compressor, condenser, fan, lighting, temperature control device, plc central control system, large LCD touch screen, etc.

The environmental test box developed and produced by our company adopts the internationally popular dew point temperature humidity control method to control the humidity in the box, and the temperature control adopts step-free dew point heat exchange to ensure the stability of humidity and temperature. Before the experiment, check and adjust the temperature value required for the setting, and the saturation dew point temperature (the temperature of the water bath spray tower) corresponding to the relative humidity to be obtained. After the machine is turned on, the experiment and recording are automatically completed. The air pump will turn the natural air into a saturated gas with a dew point of the set temperature, and input it into the incubator at a rate of 1 cubic meter per hour. (Note: About 1-3 hours after the dew point temperature reaches the set value, the humidity in the incubator is close to equilibrium.)

The company pioneered the internal circulation running state and the external circulation running state, and perfected the test process of various environments and various experimental states. The external circulation state is prepared for the experiment to ensure the purity of the air in the box, and the internal circulation state is activated during the experiment to ensure the test. data accuracy. It is easy to switch between inner and outer loops. (It can also be customized to implement time conversion).

The company innovatively set up an independent humidity balance system, and realized the separation of water and gas in the process of dehumidification and humidification, so as to make the experimental data more accurate. A set of test reagent injection device (empty injection) is installed on the right side of the main box, which is convenient and practical, and can complete the requirements of injecting various reagents without opening the door.

The environmental experiment box is equipped with a particulate filter, and all TVOC filter interfaces are reserved. It can be upgraded and installed according to customer needs. Meet a variety of experimental environments. (Note: The particulate filter should be checked for dust and dirt blockage for about 20-30 days and cleaned or replaced in time.)


GB 18580-2017,ASTMD6007-02,EN 717-1


1. Inlet gas filtration system: The air entering the box must first be fully washed by the water spray tower and then enter the experimental box to ensure that the background value of formaldehyde in the air in the experimental box is lower than 0.006mg/m3.

2. Dew point temperature control humidity method: The saturated gas at a certain temperature enters a higher temperature environment after the experimental box is washed with a water bath and water tower, and reaches a state of constant temperature and humidity, which ensures that no water droplets are generated on the inner wall of the climate box, and the detection data Reliable and accurate.

3. The dew point temperature of the water spray tower is stable: the environmental box exclusively adopts the structure of intersecting multi-layer baffles, and the design method of the water spray tower with imported ceramic beads as the filler makes the intake air fully contact with the circulating spray water, ensuring the entry into the air environment. The accuracy and stability of the air dew point temperature in the air, the dew point temperature control range is 3-25 ℃.

4. High-efficiency atomization spray system: The spray system at the top of the spray tower adopts a high-speed atomization sprayer. After the circulating water is sprayed, the spray area is large, the atomization effect is good, the contact area with the air is large, and the saturation is high. Therefore, the air humidity after the water spray treatment is close to 100%, so that the air humidity in the box quickly reaches the required humidity. The humidity range in the box is 10% to 80%, and the accuracy is ±2%.

5. The air temperature in the box is stable: the temperature of the air in the environmental box is controlled by adopting the step-step constant temperature water circulation method to exchange heat with the air in the climate box. Stable, the air temperature in the box can be adjusted within a range of 10 to 50 °C, and the accuracy is 0.1 °C. The imported metal platinum resistance temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature in the box with an accuracy of 0.01 degrees. At the same time long service life. The constant temperature water tank and water spray tower refrigeration adopts imported high-power American Copeland refrigeration compressor, which has fast cooling speed and low noise, and the noise value is less than 70dB.

6. Intelligent microcomputer automatic temperature control and humidity control: the use of advanced PLC intelligent control instrument can freely set the air temperature and dew point temperature value of the box. The instrument adopts the jog heating method, and the switching frequency of heating and cooling can reach up to 6 per second. Second, it ensures that the temperature fluctuation range is within 0.5 degrees, and the humidity fluctuation range is 3%, which fully meets the standard requirements.

7. Humidity monitoring function at all times: creatively increased the box air humidity online test instrument, using the imported Honeywell humidity sensor to monitor the air humidity in the climate box at any time, to ensure that the humidity range is within the standard requirements, and the humidity accuracy reaches 0.1%.

8. Good thermal insulation of the box: The thermal insulation layer of the box is made of one-time foaming, and the imported formaldehyde-free silica gel sealing strip is used to make the box have good thermal insulation and sealing. When there is an overpressure of 1000Pa, the gas leakage is less than 10-3×1m3/min

9. The inner tank of the box is seamlessly welded with 304 brushed and polished stainless steel plates. The surface is smooth and does not condense, and does not absorb formaldehyde and other gases.

10. The system is equipped with high and low temperature over-limit alarm, constant temperature water tank and high and low water level protection system of the water spray tower to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Humanized water level simulation observation interface. The water level status is clear at a glance.

11. Diversified operation mode setting function: The climate box is equipped with a multi-function time setting mode; the timing state can be set, and a variety of environmental box work start modes can meet the various needs of different customers for the detection time setting.

12. High accuracy of air flow control in the climate box: In order to achieve the accuracy of the air mixed flow in the box, the high-precision frequency converter is used to control the speed of the fan, and the circulating air volume is multi-level steplessly adjusted, corresponding to the accurate air volume display. Controls can be precisely adjusted. The central wind speed reaches 0.1-0.3m/s, the accuracy: ±0.05m/s, the temperature distribution deviation value is 0.2, and the humidity deviation value is 0.3%.

13. Three-dimensional integrated structure design: the intelligent control room is designed on the upper left of the working cabin, and the constant temperature and humidity system is designed at the lower left of the working cabin. The working cabin control room and the constant temperature and humidity system are independent and integrated with each other. The structure design is convenient for the daily maintenance of the equipment.

14. Automatic control: touch screen controller, programmable automatic control, refrigeration adopts French Taikang iron armored warrior refrigeration components, heating adopts high-quality heating elements, solid state relay automatic control; humidification adopts microporous aeration + ceramic packing combination technology to achieve humidity High-precision control; humidity sensor adopts high-precision temperature and humidity sensor from Rodronik, Switzerland, using ASIC chip with embedded EEPROM, digital probe.

15. Flow control: The gas supply measurement adopts a high-precision digital display float flowmeter with an accuracy of not less than 2.5, which can avoid human errors caused by the human eye when reading the scale.

16. Data processing: data backup function, can save 300 days of work data (continuously) can be queried at any time, backup and dump, the device provides 2 usb interfaces and provides 2 usb interfaces and a network interface.

17. Touch screen system: Using Japan UYI control LCD touch screen controller, you can set the temperature, humidity, dew point temperature, working time, gas flow and other parameters of the climate box through the touch screen; automatically calculate the dew point temperature and automatically control the dew point temperature; display the temperature in real time , humidity, time and other data; storage and export of temperature, humidity, time and other data; historical fault query, historical data playback functions; permission settings to schedule a boot and other functions.

18. The new environmental test box is different from the humidity control principle of the common compound constant temperature and humidity box. It adopts dew point constant temperature and humidity control, which greatly improves the humidity control accuracy inside the constant temperature box. At the same time, it also designs and manufactures special gas samplers equipped with gas acquisition instantaneous and cumulative flow meters.

This machine adopts an intelligent temperature control system, and the temperature sensor adopts a special high-precision temperature sensor with high temperature control accuracy. The temperature and humidity control accuracy after the actual measurement is stable fully conforms to the requirements of the climate box in GB18580-2001 "Formaldehyde Emission from Wood-based Panels and Their Products for Interior Decoration and Decoration Materials".

19. There are low water level alarm protection measures on the incubator. Refrigeration system fault diagnosis system, air pump fault diagnosis system, high and low water level display device on humidity control cabinet, humidity flow meter with dew device. PLC intelligent computer program control system, 10-inch full-color highlight touch screen display.

20. 404A fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigerant, high-quality imported compressor, stable operation and long service life.

All pipelines are connected by thick-walled copper pipes, which are free of volatilization and impurities.

21.Newly added equipment maintenance lighting and manual LED lighting in the box, which is convenient and practical.

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