footwear testing equipment
The sun weather testing machine has the following characteristics


Light fastness tester is used to do color fastness to light and weather test in the color fastness test. Also available for coatings, paper, paint, paint, rubber, plastic, wood, etc.


1.Digital light intensify settings, automatic adjustment, real-time monitor, to meet with the light resource stability requests of different standards.(420nm, 340nm or 300-400nm waveband  optional)

2.Black plate thermometer(BPT), black plate standard thermometer(BST), irradiance detector and samples are measured at same position (equidistance) to show actual testing condition.   Test data is transmitted synchronously with radio frequency identification technology and processed by CPU. Then display on the color screen by the means of digit, chart and curve, etc.

3.Adopts light energy technology to provide power for test and wireless transmission, which without extra power resource.

4. Equipped with parallel communication interface which is available for print test report out.

5. All of samples achieve timekeeping separately. And different samples can be tested at the same instrument, which is convenient for monitor to save operating cost.

6. Professional long arc xenon light technology to real simulate solar spectrum.

7. Industry temperature control(cooling) system to adjust temperature of inside chamber quickly and stable.

8. Ultrasonic humidification which is professional dehumidification system to ensure accurate and stable test humidity.

9. Built-in self-circular system and air filter system to reduce the requirements for environment.

10. Available to conduct continuously test for 1000 hours.


GB/T8427, GB/T14576   GB/T15102-2006   GB/T15104-2006   GB/T8430

AATCC TM16   ISO105-B04  ISO105-B02

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