Water Cooled Light Fastness Tester UTS 3000 Water Cooled Light Fastness Tester UTS 3000

Water Cooled Light Fastness Tester UTS 3000

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    UTS 3000
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    CE, ISO 17025
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    SGS, UL
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    7-15 days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port


Light Fastness Tester(Water cooled) is designed to simulate light color fastness, light

perspiration color fastness and light aging test by conducting solar radiation. Widely

applicable for textiles, rubber, paint, coating, plastic, petrochemical industry, car,

industrial products and other materials. 

Set the inside chamber’s such conditions as light irradiance rate, mist spray, temperature,

humidity, raining, etc. So as to determine the color fading, aging, alternating light and

dark, transmittance, peeling, hardness, softness and other property changes of test



1.Optional 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm, 280-800nm wavelengths are monitored. Irradiance

achieves digital setting, real-time monitor, automatic adjustment, to meet with the light

resource stability requests of different standards.

2.Adopts 4500W(6000W) water-cooled long arc xenon lamp, which is domestic initiate light

source type high efficiency electric energy and light energy transformation technology, and

combine with high transmittance filtering system. Which enables to lower xenon lamp power

at same radiation energy and achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

3.Irradiance adopts light optical fiber technology,16 bit AD sampling, 32 bit CPU processed,

digital setting, AC variable frequency stepless adjust xenon lamp, and automatic

compensating system.

4.Adopts standard light calibration patented technology to eliminate the aging reduction of

irradiance collection system due to long-term experiment.

5.Black Plate Thermometer(BPT), Black Standard Thermometer (BST) with sample conduct

equal distance test to feed back real testing conditions.


Water Cooled Light Fastness Tester UTS 3000

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Water Cooled Light Fastness Tester UTS 3000


Water Cooled Light Fastness Tester UTS 3000

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