Protective Mask Dead Space Tester MP14

Protective Mask Dead Space Tester MP14

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port
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    GB 2626

Protective Mask Dead Space Tester used for the detection of dead cavity of respirator, that is, the volume fraction of CO2 in inhaled gas.


GB 2626


1. The test process is completely controlled by the computer program to realize automatic detection, automatic recording and automatic calculation of the change of the carbon dioxide concentration value of the inhaled gas during the whole test process, which is easy to operate and easy to use.

2. There is no need to adjust the respiratory rate and respiratory volume during the test. As long as the simple parameter setting operation on the computer can change the respiratory rate and respiratory volume, the adjustment is very convenient and accurate.

3. The one-way valve controlling the breathing channel adopts the electromagnetic valve set automatically controlled by the ventilator, which is completely synchronized with the breathing maneuver.Make the test result more accurate.

4. All the data of the test process is automatically saved in the computer, and the test report is automatically generated. The data of the whole test process can be viewed through the computer at any time, and the report of the test result in any time period can be printed at any time.

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