Mask Bacteria Filtration Efficiency Tester MP12

Mask Bacteria Filtration Efficiency Tester MP12

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port
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    YY0469-2011, ASTM F2100, ASTM F2101, EN 14683

Mask bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) detector is mainly applicable to the measurement and verification departments, scientific research institutes, medical mask manufacturers and relevant testing departments for the performance of mask bacterial filtration efficiency.It is composed of aerosol generation system, aerosol chamber and aerosol transmission device, negative pressure cabinet and 28.3l /min sampler, etc. The whole detector is controlled uniformly by the console.The console adopts microcomputer control system to coordinate and control the work of aerosol generation system, transmission system, negative pressure cabinet and sampling system.


YY0469-2011, ASTM F2100, ASTM F2101, EN 14683


1. Negative pressure test system to ensure the safety of operators

2. Negative pressure cabinet built - in peristaltic pump, A, B two - way six Anderson

3. The peristaltic pump flow can be set according to the situation

4. The flow rate of microbial aerosol can be set with good atomization effect.

5. Industrial microcomputer control

6. High brightness color touch screen;

7.USB interface, support U disk data storage.

8. Built-in high brightness floodlight.Easy to observe.

9. Built-in leakage protection switch to protect the safety of operators.

10. Front glass door, easy for operator to observe and operate

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