Yarn Sliver and Roving Evenness Tester Y010E

Yarn Sliver and Roving Evenness Tester Y010E

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Product Information

Y010E Yarn Sliver and Roving Evenness Tester is designed specially for

test the evenness faults for spun yarn, roving, sliver.

Test Principle

Sample pass through Capacitance detection slot pulled by roller at a

certain rate. Detection head changes sliver quality(linear density) into

corresponding electrical signals. After process electrical signals via

detecting extension control board, then sent to the host processor,

and the data acquisition board of host processor will convert the

Analog signal into digital signals. Host processor complete the

calculation, drawing of parameters and graphic for CV %, U %

and 12 gear defect and spectrogram, and save and print the

test results, etc.

Main Configuration

1.Consists of testing branch, main processor, printer and complete set

of accessories.

2.The main function of the detection sub-machine is to pull the tested

yarn, make it pass through the capacitance detection slot under

appropriate tension, and convert the uneven density of the yarn into

the corresponding electrical signal and send it to the main processor.

3.Host processor is the core data processing of evenness tester, it completes

parameter Settings, system monitoring, the article yarn unevenness of

signa acquisition, processing, and comprehensive analysis, and the test

results arevideo display, automatic save and print.

4.Equipped with a printer, can print out to provide a variety of graphics and


5.The complete set of accessories is used to test different yarns, including

fine, roving and sliver


1. It can measure the unevenness for spun yarn, roving, sliver.

2. Advanced driving technology is adopted to realize high-speed test of


3. The detection sensor automatically moves the groove according to

thefineness of the yarn measured, and the detection results are more


4. Automatically teariness to zero, automatically adjust the mean value,

which is more convenient and more efficient.

5. The expert analysis system can evaluate the yarn quality level and

provide users with process and equipment failure analysis results.

6. Unique CV-L curve analysis software can quantitatively analyze the

process of yarn non-periodic irregularity and can be traced back to the

production process in real time.

7. The unevenness curve can be saved, played back and marked the

defect position on the unevenness curve.

8. During the test, when the yarn is broken, it will automatically alarm.

9. Powerful statistical analysis function, providing annual and monthly

product quality analysis graphs and quality trend charts for scientific

management of users.

10. Adopt the graphical interface, cooperate with the button of the

detection extension panel, and realize one-key operation to complete

the test.

11. The function of the optional slub yarn and the stable and detailed

quality analysis of the irregular slub yarn problems can be provided.

12. Optional yarn defect grading function and hairiness function.

Key Specifications

Yarn Sliver and Roving Evenness Tester Y010E


Yarn Sliver and Roving Evenness Tester Y010E


Yarn Sliver and Roving Evenness Tester Y010E 

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