Full-Automatic Fabric Stiffness Tester M038A

Full-Automatic Fabric Stiffness Tester M038A

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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To test stiffness property for fabrics including cotton, wool, silk, linen,

chemical fiber, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabric, coating fabric, etc.

As well as for such soft materials as paper, leather, thin film, etc.

Test Principle

Sample is moving and stopped when bended at set angle, the sample

is moved by a motor and the bending angle is detected by the laser

scanning device, the result is displayed on LED, so that ensures

accurate and repeatable test results.


1. Mainframe working mode: microprocessor control, infrared stealthy

slope detect, LCD English display, report can be printed out.

2. Online working mode: expertised analysis software, computer operation,

report form statistics, print out.

3. Fully automatic measure bending height of fabrics up to 0.01mm with

help of laser device and dully displayed on LCD panel;

4. Automatic sample holder;

5. Automatic return function after a test;

6. More uniform speed to ensure accurate testing result;

7. Equipped with 3 types of virtual slope, 41. 5°, 43°, 45°;

8. Print out the test result by stylus printer.

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Full-Automatic Fabric Stiffness Tester M038A


Full-Automatic Fabric Stiffness Tester M038A 

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