Yarn Hairiness Tester Y008 Yarn Hairiness Tester Y008 Yarn Hairiness Tester Y008 Yarn Hairiness Tester Y008

Yarn Hairiness Tester Y008

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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Product Information

Used for measuring and analyzing yarn hairiness indexes, automatic test

and statistical analysis on the length, quantity and distribution of feathers.


1.The test method adopts the projection counting method, which conforms

to the national textile industry standard.

2.The detection system adopts digital camera technology, which is composed

of industrial grade image sensor, optical imaging system and new high-speed

single-chip microcomputer.

3. Optical imaging technology brings clear image and micron level image

sensor, which makes the length of the test feathers more accurate.

4. From the test to the whole process of data processing digitalization, the

realization of the real digital feather instrument.

5. Adopt new technology and support to closed-loop automatic adjust test

parameters to make testing condition more stable, so that this instrument

has the advantages of good stability, consistency.

Key Specifications

Yarn Hairiness Tester Y008


Yarn Hairiness Tester Y008 
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