Yarn Friction Tester Y019

Yarn Friction Tester Y019

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    JISL 1095,ASTM D 3108,ASTM D 3412


Yarn friction tester is used to measure the dynamic friction coefficient

of friction characteristics, suitable for the dynamic friction coefficient

determination of synthetic filament yarn and other materials, or roller

and other textile equipment used for the determination of friction

coefficient, are essential to evaluate filament yarn and textile

equipment friction coefficient test apparatus


1.The dynamic friction coefficient of various yarns can be measured and

analyzed by two precision yarn tension sensors.

2.Through this instrument can accurately detect the effect after waxing,

oiling and coating for

3.various yarn and chemical filament yarn, for knitting, weaving and

garment production process has very important reference value.

4.Through the quantitative analysis of the dynamic friction coefficient of

yarn, the machine running efficiency can be improved and the production

cost can be reduced.

Basic Functions

1.The length of the yarn can be preset and the length of the yarn can

be sampled randomly between the two tests to reduce the occurrence

of repeated defects.

2.Special test software is provided to store test data for analysis and

comparison.(note: computers and printers are optional).

3.The test speed can be adjusted at will, up to 110 m/min.

4.Low noise design, air supply pressure 6Bar.

5.Slow start design to prevent accidental drawing of yarn.

6.Users can choose to display the friction coefficient of a single yarn or

the friction coefficient of a set of yarn for analysis and comparison.

7.Comply with European safety (CE) standards.

8.Automatic yarn changer can be selected to realize continuous testing

of 24 different spools without manual operation

9.The mechanism was tested by RoLor method.

10.Dc motor ACTS as constant speed gravity source.

11.Computer control, automatic data processing


JISL 1095  ASTM D 3108  ASTM D 3412

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Yarn Friction Tester Y019


Yarn Friction Tester Y019

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