Vertical Flammability Chamber M017A

Vertical Flammability Chamber M017A

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port
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    CFR1615/1616 CA TB117 CPAI 84 GB/T5455 GB/T13488/13489 GB/T 2408 ISO1210 ASTM D6413

M017A Vertical Flammability Chamber  is to determine the flammability resistance property for various flame retardant textiles, including woven fabric, knitted fabric, coating products, laminated products, etc. And measure tendency for textiles for continued combustibility, smoldering and carbonization.

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Test Principle

Mount sample into the fixture and hang on vertically inside test chamber. Burn the underneath of sample with specified height of flame for a certain of time, record the time of afterflame and smoldering, damaged length, so as to assess its flammability property.


CFR1615/1616  CA TB117 CPAI 84  GB/T5455  GB/T13488/13489  GB/T 2408   ISO1210  

ASTM D6413  (Need to confirm the test standards with users)

1. Machine in 1.5mm thickness and imported brushed stainless steel material with the advantages of resistance to heat & smoke erosion and easy for cleaning.

2. Large color touch screen display.

3. Heat resistance observation door in front of test chamber is easy to control for operator.

4. Adopts imported counter metal button control, beautiful and no easy to break.

5. Adjustment for height of flame adopts precision rotor flow meter control, which make flame is stable and easy to adjusted.

6. Equipped with Korea imported motor and reducer, which makes igniter move stable and accurately.

7. Burner adopts high quality and precision Bunsen burner to make flame strength adjustable.

M017A Vertical Flammability Chamber  is applicable to the determination of:

woven fabric, knitted fabric, coating products, laminated products, etc.

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