Nonwoven Liquid Penetration Tester MB03A

Nonwoven Liquid Penetration Tester MB03A

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    FZ/T 60017 GB/T 24218.8 GB/T 24218.13 GB/T 24218.14

Measure the penetration time of breathable fabric for nonwoven health care.

Test Principle

A solution of known volume (e.g., artificial urine with a surface tension of 70dyn/cm) is placed in a teflon-lined container.A solenoid valve is used to drain the liquid at a constant rate through the center hole of the nonwoven upper plate (through the electrode plate).The two electrodes start the timer with a conductive liquid.The nonwoven sample is placed on a set of 5/10 pieces of filter paper that ACTS as a suction liquid.When all the conductive liquid enters the suction layer, the circuit current will interrupt and stop the timer.EDANA requires the configuration of artificial urine at a rate of 25ml/3.5±0.25s.


GB/T 24218.14, FZ/T 60017, GB/T 24218.8,EDANA


1. High precision peristaltic pump ensures the accuracy of liquid penetrating capacity.

2. Automatic refueling function, automatic testing throughout the process, no need for manual refueling.

3. The penetrating disc is made of special plexiglass and is guaranteed to be 500 grams ±5 grams after special processing.

4. Automatically save data after completing the test, and check the calculation and analysis results of the report, and print the test report.

5. Touch screen control panel and clear image interface provide more convenient and quick operation for testers.

6. Free access to all data and statistical results in the host.

7. The penetrating disc is equipped with precise positioning device to avoid collision damage.

8. Platinum wire electrode is used for penetrating disc electrode, which is sensitive, precise and durable.

9. Instrument liquid release is equipped with automatic release device, which can realize automatic control and stable flow rate.

Key Specifications


Nonwoven Liquid Penetration Tester is apply to test the nonwoven.

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