Light Fastness Tester D002A-3

Light Fastness Tester D002A-3

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port
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    GB/T 8427, ISO105-B02, GB/T8430, ISO105-B04, GB/T14576, AATCC TM16, GB/T15102, GB/T15104

To do color fastness to light and weather test in the color fastness test. Also available for coatings, paper, paint, paint, rubber, plastic, wood, etc.


1. A 2500W long arc xenon lamp is used to simulate the real daylight spectrum.

2. The combination of high transmittance filter, using 95% transmittance filter and filter barrel, can meet the light requirements of the same irradiance with low power consumption, making the instrument more energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Standard 420nm band, digital setting of irradiance, real-time monitoring, closed loop automatic regulation, providing the most stable test light source of irradiance for different standards (optional: 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm and 300-800nm band).

4. The radiometer detection and wireless transmission adopt the light energy conversion technology to provide energy without the need of additional power supply.

5. Blackboard thermometer (BPT), standard blackboard thermometer (BST), irradiometer and sample are tested at the same station (equidistant) to truly reflect the test sample, and the measured data are transmitted synchronously by radio frequency technology.

6. In industrial temperature control (refrigeration) system, water tank is heated to produce water vapor to control the humidification system, and the temperature and humidity in the test chamber can be rapidly adjusted to ensure the accuracy and stability of the test temperature and humidity.

7. Various operating modes (rain, light and dark alternation, revolution) can simulate the real climate state.

8. Separate timing can be achieved for all sample clips. Different samples can be tested on the same machine for testing and monitoring.

9, 7 "super color touch screen, various test monitoring modes (animation, figures, charts), easy to control, intuitive and clear.

10. One test can run continuously for 1000 hours for quality assurance.

11. Industrial single-chip computer control, strong anti-interference ability.

12, 48 work stations monitoring, free to set and query irradiation energy.

13. It has the function of fault prompt and self-diagnosis.


GB/T 8427, ISO105-B02, GB/T8430, ISO105-B04, GB/T14576, AATCC TM16, GB/T15102, GB/T15104

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