Infrared Laboratory Dyeing Machine D017

Infrared Laboratory Dyeing Machine D017

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D017 Infrared Laboratory Dyeing Machine uses heat infrared heating method to achieve dyeing effect.

Applicable for dyeing knitted fabric, woven fabric, yarn, cotton, fibre, zipper, shoes material mesh cloth to do high temperature sample dyeing and washing fastness test. Able to accurately simulate the actual production conditions so as to reach the requested process effect .

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D017 Infrared Laboratory Dyeing Machine

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1. No need to use glycerinum for heat conduction, and cooling water for cooling, without smoke. . Energy saving and cost effectiveness are significant. Save water and electricity cost more than 50%.

2. Digital LCD programmable computer temperature control, the process parameters can be stored. Cooling rate, holding time can be set up on demand;

3. Adopt new temperature measurement and control technology, the whole machine only use a Pt100 platinum thermal resistance temperature probe, increase the reliability of the whole machine;

4, Adopt Schneider brandfrequency converter, automatically positive and negative rotate device and sample storehouse speed can be adjusted , 360 - degree roll motion at a constant speed to make the dyeing liquid flip back and forth inside the cup, stain rate more uniform;

5, the cup body uses 45 °inclined Angle type to prevent sample from fold, so as to get the most smooth and uniform sample cloth;

6, Complete over-temperature, overload protection function, such as high power light fan, infrared lamp cooling quickly, avoid the lamp burned down due to overtemperature, with long service life.

7, The machine body is made of stainless steel material with external appearance sapphire and frosted baking paint, which makes the machine more beautiful and durable;

8, Comprehensive adiabatic insulation layer design, around the heating chamber adopts thermal insulation layer which has the advantages of small heat loss and energy conservation and environmental protection;

9, Rotating cup cage endothermic exterior is painted latest nano heat absorption material, small heat reflection, and thermal radiation heat efficiency can reach 95%;

10, Thermal conductivity tube increased to increase the heat absorption area during heating, and temperature will be more uniform; When cooling, heat dissipation area increased, greatly improve the cooling efficiency;

11. No mechanical contact, unique design sample storehouse door protection switch, to open the door to stop machine;

12, Small bath ratio, minimum 1:5, no dyeing defect;

13, Various capacity of sample cups are optional to fulfill different demands.

D017 Infrared Laboratory Dyeing Machine is applicable to the determination of:

knitted fabric, woven fabric, yarn, cotton, fibre, zipper, shoes material mesh cloth.

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