Accelerotor Abrasion Tester M042

Accelerotor Abrasion Tester M042

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    AATCC 93

M042 Accelerotor Abrasion Tester is used to measure the thickness of various woven fabric, knitted fabric and uniform thin materials. This tester is designed to evaluate the resistance of fabrics and other flexible materials to abrasion.

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M042 Accelerotor Abrasion Tester

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Test Principle

An unfettered fabric specimen is driven by an impeller(rotor) along a zigzag course in a generally circular orbit within a  cylindrical chamber, so that it repeatedly impinges on the walls and abradant liner of the chamber while at the same time being continually subjected to extremely rapid, high velocity impacts. The specimen is subjected to flexing, rubbing, shock, compression, stretching and other mechanical forces during the test. Abrasion is produced throughout the specimen by rubbing of yarn against yarn, fiber against fiber, surface against surface and surface against abradant.

Evaluation is made on the basis of weight loss of the specimen or grab strength loss of the woven specimen when broken at an abraded fold line. Generally, flat woven fabrics may be evaluated by either method. Tufted and other fabrics with raised surfaces, and knit fabrics, are evaluated by the weight loss method.

Changes in other fabric characteristics may also be useful for evaluating abrasion resistance with the Accelerotor.

M042 Accelerotor Abrasion Tester is applicable to the determination of:

various woven fabric, knitted fabric and uniform thin materials.

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