High Temperature Lab Dyeing Machine D011

High Temperature Lab Dyeing Machine D011

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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D011 High Temperature Lab Dyeing Machine is to  accurately simulate real producing condition including dyeing, washing and colorfastness test for apparel, dyeing and finishing, chemical industry, etc. Equipped with new type dyeing machine special computer, precision heating system and accurate temperature and time control to improve test success rate.

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D011 High Temperature Lab Dyeing Machine

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UTS provide the complete support for the full life of your D011 High Temperature Lab Dyeing Machine:

1 English Manual

2 Certificate of Quality

3 Remote Online Support

4 Breakdown Support

5 Applications Support

6 12 months warranty

7 CE, ISO 17025 Certificate

8 7 * 24 Service

9 Spare Parts

10 Training

11 Installation

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1. Whole machine in stainless steel material with strong and durable, high corrosion resistance advantage.

2. High performance programmable computer temperature control system, equipped with heating and cooling rate and accurate control of holding time.

3. Equipped with precision heating system, PT100 temperature control probe, available for edit and save 10 craft.

4. Drive system: Gear drive, small starting torque, smooth, light load, low noise.

5. Dye cups: 12 or 24 pieces, capacity 150㏄, 250㏄, 300㏄, 400㏄, 450㏄, 500㏄(Optional)

6. Beakers material: resistant to corrosion high quality SUS 316 stainless steel, seal gasket in Teflon combine with silicone rubber material, cup cage with rotary times 40 RPM.. Test cups vertically rotate with good dye uniformity.

7. Stainless steel cooling water tube, equipped with insulation cover, fast cooling and save energy.

8. Equipped with flushing system to wash water bath.

9. Equipped with aluminum shell motor and reducer to reach good heat dissipation effect.

D011 High Temperature Lab Dyeing Machine is applicable to the determination of:

apparel, dyeing and finishing, chemical industry, etc.

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