Digital ASTM D3107 Fabric Stretch and Recovery Tester M080C

Digital ASTM D3107 Fabric Stretch and Recovery Tester M080C

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    ASTM D3107

Used to measure growth, elongation and recovery (load and elongation) of low elastic knitted fabrics. That is to say, under certain conditions, the length of the sample after a certain amount of load is measured, and the tension is applied to the sample within a certain period of time, and the difference between the length after removed the tension and the original length. It is mainly used for low elastic knitted fabric such as swimsuit, sports suit, loose body suit or other tight fitting.

Test Principle

Concentration value method: Clamp the top of sample onto upper fixture, below hang a certain weight of loads to load it for 4 times. After loads, test its recovery property.

Fixed length method: Clamp both ends of sample on the upper and lower fixtures, move the lower fixture to stretch sample to a certain length and keep for specified time, after that, test its recovery property.


1. Made of All aluminum alloy structure with stainless steel which is durable and beautiful.

2. Standard ASTM D3107.

3. Two independent test stands were used to test fabric elongation and fabric growth.

4. Special accessories for clothes rack, including clothes rack and clothes bar.

5, 6 stations, 3 fixed extensions and 3 fixed loads can be tested.


ASTM D3107

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