AATCC 201 Drying Rate Tester (Heated Plate Method) M048B

AATCC 201 Drying Rate Tester (Heated Plate Method) M048B

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    AATCC 201

M048B AATCC 201 Drying Rate Tester (Heated Plate Method)  is designed according to the requirements of the American AATCC 201 test standard, to quick determine textiles dry rate.

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Test Principle

Simulated human body sweating, sweat in drying process on the fabric. Fabric is placed above the heating plate of the constant temperature of 37 °, drip 0.2 ml of water in the middle of the heating plate, dry the sample at wind speed of 1.5 m/s. .Instrument  test fabric changes of temperature by infrared temperature sensor. And check whether the fabric finish dry. The tested dry time will be confirmed the dry rate.

1.Adopts high precision temperature sensor, speed sensor, accurate water drop device, automatically finish fabric drying time and drying rate test.

2.Equipped with control panel and the display screen, available to complete all the tests without connect the computer, also can achieve data transmission through the wireless WiFi and computer.

3.Data in the form of curves and chart to display and preserve, which is convenient for analysis and printing.

4.Instrument shell with thick aluminum alloy plate, durable and never rust.

M048B AATCC 201 Drying Rate Tester (Heated Plate Method) is applicable to the determination of:

Knitwear or any quick dry fabrics. (including socks, towels)

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