45 Degree Automatic Flammability Tester M015

45 Degree Automatic Flammability Tester M015

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    16 CFR 1610 ASTM D1230 CA TB117 GB/T 14644 JIS L1091

M015 45Degree Automatic Flammability Tester is to determine textile damaged area and length at 45 degree condition and the times of touching flame when textile is melted to specified length after heated at 45 degree condition.

Stainless steel test cabinet with glass observation panel provided with automatic timing of flame spread in 0.1 second increments from ignition. Automatic or manual flame impingement for 1,5 or 20 seconds.

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M015 45Degree Automatic Flammability Tester

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Test Principle

Under the specified condition, mount the sample on the U shape holder at 45°, ignite sample in 1 second. The needed time(to make sample burn with flame up to a certain of distance) will be seen as the reference to assess fabric burning intensity. The fabric’s surface with gigging, ignite or melt state for bottom of fabric should be taken as extra index of burning intensity, which need to be marked.


16 CFR 1610  ASTM D1230  CA TB117  GB/T 14644  JIS L1091

1. Test chamber in imported brushed stainless steel with 1.5mm thickness material. Heat-resistant and smoke-resistant, easy for cleaning. Durable and easy maintenance.

2. Free set ignition time, with automatic timing of flame spread in 0.1 second increments from ignition.

3. Brushing Device including Nylon Brush is available per request.

4. Flame height adjustment is controlled by high precision rotor flow meter, which makes flame be stable and easy to be adjusted.

5. Equipped with heat resistant glass observation panel which is convenient for test control.

6. 4.3 inch color touch screen display. Menu type operational mode which is very smart.

7. Core component adopts ST Microelectronics 32 bit multiple function main board to process data.

8. The control panel is made of special aluminum and has a metal key, which is beautiful and not easy to damage.

9. South Korea imported motor and decelerator, make the burner moves smoothly and accurately.

10. The burner in B63 material processed, corrosion-resistant, non-deformed and rust resistance.

11. Automatic ignition(Replace manual ignition type).

12. Auto cut off air supply once ignition time reached. ( Replace manually switch off function).

M015 45Degree Automatic Flammability Tester is applicable to the determination of:

various of fabric.

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