Yarn Fault Analyzer Y021

Yarn Fault Analyzer Y021

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    China Port

To detect and analysis yarn fault.


1.Random yarn defects detection and analysis.

2.Ending 27 grade yarn defects are graded in accordance with international standards and used with foreign instruments.

3.This paper analyzes the effect of cleaning and optimizes the curve of cleaning.

4.With an expert system of yarn defect analysis, the industry comparison analysis, yarn defect distribution analysis and yarn defect change trend analysis can be carried out.

5.Detection of spindle branch variation (wrong branch).

6.Defects can be removed at specified classifications.

7.The length and weight of the bobbin yarn are measured automatically.

8.The frequency of yarn defects at the end of the 100,000-meter test length which is automatically converted to standard.

9.The sensitivity and zero point are automatically adjusted.

10.The output content and format can be selected freely.

11.Automatic fault monitoring and alarm.

12.Ending has a good man-machine interface, easy to operate and easy to learn.

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