Schildknecht Method Flexing Machine M104B

Schildknecht Method Flexing Machine M104B

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    ISO 7854 Method B, BS 3424, GB/T 12586

The Schildknecht Bending Tester primarily tests the resistance of repeated bending of rubber or plastic coated fabrics and provides a reference for improving fabric quality.

Test Principle

A rectangular strip of coated fabric is mounted around two opposing cylinders so that the test piece takes a cylindrical form. One of the cylinders reciprocates along its axis, causing the coated-fabric cylinder to be alternately compressed and relaxed, thus inducing folds in the test piece. This folding of the coated-fabric cylinder if continued for either a pre-set number of cycles or until damage to the test piece is apparent.


Been upgraded with a new model, compact design, optimized transmission structure and test structure;

Adopts advanced numerical control laser laser cutting, numerical control molding process production, the surface scenic spot spraying baking paint processing, the paint surface is firm and durable;

Transparent protective cover design, with electronic access control technology, if open the protective cover, the instrument will stop operation, protect the safety of personnel while more convenient to observe.

Configuration Status

1.Equipped with emergency stop button, in case of emergency, the operation can be stopped quickly to protect the safety of personnel;

2.Clamping mode of clamped sample, linkage of six stations, greatly improve the test efficiency;

3.Eccentric reciprocating transmission mechanism, simple structure, stable travel, stable and reliable operation, smooth operation, quiet;

4.The left and right sides are symmetrical with two linear sliding rails carrying reciprocating structure, excellent guidance and high precision, running more smoothly and quietly;

5.LED highlighting digital display instrument, digital display bright and clear, simple setting;

6.The circulating ventilation system can cool down the operation temperature of the instrument for a long time and ensure the stable internal operation environment of the instrument;

7.Universal jump screen rubber sole provides horizontal and stable support for the instrument.


ISO 7854 , BS 3424, GB/T 12586

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