Sanitary Towel Application of Gum Peeling Strength Tester MB14

Sanitary Towel Application of Gum Peeling Strength Tester MB14

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    GB/T 8939

Gum peeling strength tester used for testing the adhesive peel strength of sanitary napkin (pad), it can peel sanitary napkin (pad) 180°from standard single jersey cloth, which is professional and reliable.


GB/T 8939 Sanitary Napkins (pads) Appendix E


1. Servo motor is adopted, with low noise and accurate control.

2. Large color screen touch LCD is used to display all data in real time.

3. Simple parameter setting, convenient and reliable testing.

4. Get measurement results directly, including mean value and standard deviation.

5, high degree of automation: data processing and action control, automatic reset, overload protection.

6. Data communication: the instrument is equipped with standard serial RS232 interface, which can provide data communication for the upper computer comprehensive report system.

Key Specifications


It is apply to test the sanitary napkin (pad).

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