Perspiration Tester - Perspirometer D009

Perspiration Tester - Perspirometer D009

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port
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    Perspiration: GB/T3922 AATCC15 ISO105 Seawater: GB/T5714 AATAA107 ISO105 Water: GB/T5713 AATCC106 ISO105

D009 Perspiration Tester - Perspirometer is to determine colorfastness to perspiration, water resistance, seawater resistance, saliva resistance for various textiles with color.

Key Parameters

D009 Perspiration Tester - Perspirometer

Test Principle

A stainless steel frame with a capacity of 20 samples of 10cm x 4 cm held between acrylic separator plates, loading weights not included. Comply with AATCC and ISO test methods by add on individual weights: 3.36 kg (8lb) for AATCC, and additional weight 0.47 kg (1 lb) for ISO. An electric incubator is required. Compare the degree of fading and pollution of attached white cloth with gray scale, and appraise the perspiration color fastness.


Perspiration: GB/T3922    AATCC15     ISO105  

Seawater: GB/T5714    AATAA107    ISO105    

Water: GB/T5713    AATCC106    ISO105

D009 Perspiration Tester - Perspirometer  is applicable to the determination of:

various textiles.

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