Nonwoven Liquid Infiltration Tester MB05

Nonwoven Liquid Infiltration Tester MB05

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    GB/T 24218.14, EDANA, ISO 9073

To determine the non-woven liquid infiltration property. Nonwoven liquid infiltration tester used to measure the moisture resistance of diaper and sanitary napkin.

According to the standard design of the liquid recirculation tester, can carry on the automatic test, eliminates the operator to the test result influence, at the same time may save the time, the test data automatically saves and may print, carries on the effective arrangement and the appraisal.

According to the test regulations of GB/T 24218.14-2010 and EDANA, the diaper and sanitary napkin should be measured by liquid recirculation tester, which is easy to operate, has no human influence, saves time and ensures the reproducibility and comparability of test results.


GB/T 24218.14, EDANA, ISO 9073


1. High-precision balance can be accurate to 0.001g.

2. Pneumatic components: lift the sample when placing the simulated baby load to protect the balance.

3. Automatically save data after completing the test, and check the calculation and analysis results of the report, and print the test report.

4. Touch screen control panel and clear image interface provide more convenient and quick operation for testers.

5. Stepper motor and driver control to ensure the simulated baby load drop speed meets the standard requirements.

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It is apply to test diaper and sanitary napkin.

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