Luggage Handle Durability Tester B006

Luggage Handle Durability Tester B006

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port
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    QB/T 2919-2007

B006 Luggage Handle Durability Tester is used to determine the durability of luggage handle.

Key Parameters

B006 Luggage Handle Durability Tester

Support Services

UTS provide the complete support for the full life of your B006 Luggage Handle Durability Tester:

1 English Manual

2 Certificate of Quality

3 Remote Online Support

4 Breakdown Support

5 Applications Support

6 12 months warranty

7 CE, ISO 17025 Certificate

8 7 * 24 Service

9 Spare Parts

10 Training

11 Installation

Test Principle

Under a certain frequency of extraction/extending and retraction, make telescopic handle’s locks and trolley to do continuously opening and closing action, repeatedly pull out and retract. So as to inspect reciprocating resistance to fatigue property and structure of telescopic handle, and its durability.


QB/T 2919-2007

1. Touch screen control panel and display, easy to operation.

2. AC servo driving motor makes testing speed in stable and accurate, and achieve stepless speed adjustment and testing result more accurate.

3. Adopt linear guide, synchronous belt, synchronous wheel driving, running noise is low, uniform speed, lower speed instability on the result of the sample.

4. Automatically save test data when outage.

5. Testing times can be set, simultaneously paused time during testing.

6. Display the instantaneous force value when pulling out & press fitting and save the maximum value.

7. Equip with draw-bar lock automatic opening & closing device.

B006 Luggage Handle Durability Tester is applicable to the determination of:

various of Luggages handle.

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