Full Automatic Yarn and Sliver Evenness Tester Y010A

Full Automatic Yarn and Sliver Evenness Tester Y010A

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Automatic Yarn and Sliver Evenness Tester to determine and analyze sliver, roving and spun yarn’s evenness and the evenness of structure . Applicable to silver, roving and spun yarn made of cotton, wool, synthetic fiber, linen and blended yarn, etc.

Drawing mechanism adopts dual-motor drive mode to achieve non-silp of sliver. Large size of roller to lower rotate speed with unique aseismic design and more stable transmission. Roller is available for auto open-close, auto scaling, and can be used in revising direction, which reduces the abrasion for roller from yarn, and extend service life of roller.

Wave spectrogram can display wavelength value, unevenness curve can be scaled freely. With larger data retrieval function.


1.Applicable to measure the evenness of spun yarn, roving, sliver. Also this device has the yarn hairiness index test function accorded with International standards.

2.Adopts advanced driving technology to achieve high speed test of 800m/min

3.Auto alarm once sliver breaks during testing procedure.

4.Expert analysis system software can assess the quality of yarn to provide craft and device failure analysis results for users.

5.Detect sensor auto shift and change channels according the fineness of sample sliver, which has more accurate test results.

6.Unevenness curve can be saved and playback, and the defect will be marked on the unevenness curve.

7.Unique CV-L curve analysis software is available to real-time quantitatively analyze nonperiodic uneven and can be traced back to the produce process.

Additional Function

1. Auto switch to expert analysis system software and database to connect, save and maintain information during testing.

(1) Analytic system

① Available to correctly analyze the reason why mechanical wave generated and common drafting wave, specific wave, complicated wave.

② Freely enlarge curve of curve chart, which is convenient to analyze.

③ Regular defect can be found from curve chart, distinguish main curve and harmonic wave. And available to analyze from spinning procedure to root of yarn fault generated from first drawing procedure.

(2) Query function

Quickly search evenness CV% value of already tested variety, and according to requirements, refer to Uster bulletin to analyze the 5%-95% quality level of this variety.

(3) Printing function

Can print out statistical report and test report, and available to print out search result and quality control chart.

(4)Statistical Functions

Various Weekly report, ten-day report, monthly report, monthly report and annual report of various process are available for statistical. And also to draw quality control chart for different variety.

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