Fabrics Inspection Table M119

Fabrics Inspection Table M119

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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M119 Fabrics inspection table/color viewer station is equipped with frequently-used light sources in printing industry, can meet the needs of lSO3664:2009. It is also widely used for color checking in the field of printing and dyeing, textiles, plastics, hardware etc, which wilprovide standard environment for quality checking in the process of sample comparison, production, quality inspection, acceptanceetc. That is to say, it can help user improve the product quality and market competition.


1.Comply with ISO3664 international standard, including three modes option(single or double or triple light sources).

2.Use with high color-rendering index lamps, and with timer for the using time oflamp on display screen.

3.Made with metal material, large size and good work manship, easy to use.

4.Equipped with frequently-used light sources in printing industry, can meet the needs of ISO3664:2009.

5.Widely used in printing shop and sampling centers.

6.lt also can check reflection file, and be used in the industry of offset print,flexography, gravure

7.Light Sources: can meet the international standard of lSO 3664

8.Color temperature type: D50(5000K) or D65(6500K)

9.Lamps type: equipped with special Graphic lamps for import printing achine

10.Color-rendering index: CRI=98

11.Number of tubes: 36W*4pcs(with timer)

12.Material: fine made with metal material

13.Worktable material: metal plate desk,firm& durable

14.Operation desk: is incorporated with an intake ramp designed to meet the human visual observation

15.Hanging light sources: aluminium alloy stuff and streamline from design, fashion style.lmport refector uniform light coverwill ensure the illuminating uniformity

16.Size: large size is easy to use.

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