Down Proffness Rotating Box (FTMS 191-5530) M032B

Down Proffness Rotating Box (FTMS 191-5530) M032B

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    TT, L/C
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    China Port
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    FTMS 191-5530, GB/T12705.2 

Fabric downproof testing machine refers to the performance of fabric to prevent the leakage of down or feather from the crack of yarn. Denotes the number of drill roots under specified conditions.

Suitable for testing the anti-drilling properties of the lining and fabrics used in making down products.        


Test Method

The sample is made into a bag with a certain quality of down. It is placed in the turning box of the tester, and the hard rubber ball is also loaded in the turning box. The rotating box rotates at a certain speed, drops the rubber ball with a certain height, and impacts the sample to simulate various squeezing, rolling and collision of down products in the process of taking. The anti-drilling properties of the fabric were assessed by counting the number of down roots drilled from inside the sample.


FTMS 191-5530, GB/T12705.2 

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