CPAI 75 Sleeping Bag Flammability Tester M108

CPAI 75 Sleeping Bag Flammability Tester M108

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    CE, ISO 17025, ISO 9001
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    3-25 Days
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    ASTM F1955, CPAI 75

Sleeping Bag Flammability Tester equipment is mainly used for testing the flame retardant performance of sleeping bags.


ASTM F1955, CPAI 75


1. Stainless steel test case with glass observation window

2. Stainless steel supporting frame

3. U-shaped sample frame

4, #50 white mercerized cotton thread 1 roll

5. Imported UL combustion test tiryl torch

6. Diameter of the nozzle: 0.90±0.03mm

7. Nozzle length: 1.60±0.05mm

8. The outer diameter of the blowtorch tube is 10mm, and the length is 38mm

9. Hammer includes 2 units.

10. Adjustable flame height (rotameter)

11. Large observation window, easy to observe the combustion state of samples;

12, advanced industrial appearance and control design, easy to touch the sample and burner;

13. Imported Bunsen lamp fire source, in accordance with ASTM D5025 standard;

14. Rotameter accurately controls flame height;

15. Pressure regulating valve and pressure gauge of imported brands;

16. Timing accuracy 0.1s;

Result judgment

Test parameters (T time) : start timing when the first line is broken by combustion;Burn to the second line for the end of time;Or fail to burn the second thread when out of time.

Test parameter (D damage distance) : measure the damage length caused by combustion from the first line, and end at the second line

The instrument is designed so that the flame height can be adjusted by the rotameter. During the test, the stopwatch will be used when the first wire starts to burn out.When burning to the second string or not, measure the time it takes to extinguish.

Key Specification


It is apply to test sleeping bags.

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