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1. The temperature is about 0 degrees, and in the dry air, the virus can survive in the air for no more than 2 hours.In moist air, the virus can live up to one day.

2.Coronavirus is sensitive to heat.the higher of the temperature, the more difficult it is for the virus to survive. All viruses can be inactivated in 30 minutes at 56℃.At room temperature of about 25 degrees, the virus loses its infectivity in half an hour.

Don't worry about the virus in the cargo.

We have officially started work on March 2, and thank our country for its efforts in fighting the virus.

Our factory has started to operate normally. Please don't worry about the delivery date.We will produce the machines you need in time.

We attach great importance to the real-time development of products and the quality of products.This year we have increased the input of the quality control department, as well as the r&d budget of laboratory products.We'll keep you up to date with our updates.


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